The participants have a chance to participate in daily exercise with their ability. The R.O.M. (Range Of Motion) exercise is fit for wheelchair participants. The exercise last for 30 minutes. They perform low function exercise to increase flexibility, strength, and promote endurance. Along with strengthens the participants’ cognitive functions.

The learning center is dedicated to providing a daily therapeutic Activity to each participant. The participants enjoy group discussion they have the opportunity to voice their personal thoughts and concerns, and to learn things that are going on in the news.

We also have other activities such as:

Memory games design for each participant short and long term goal and thoughts.

Praise and worship hour- Our participants are encouraged to worship as they please. Each participant enjoys and participating in prayer and in song, this is a personal time to give thanks as they wish.

Board games such as Bingo, checkers, and etc are provided to each participant to satisfy the competing needs.

Movie day is on Thursday’s and we have a variety of movies for the participants. We have a quiz time for the movie and snacks are provided as well as naps.

Arts and craft are also provided daily.

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