Our social services are there to provide social and emotional support for our participants. The practice of social workers entails “the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of individual, interpersonal and societal problems to assist individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations to achieve optimum psychosocial and social functioning”.

The goal of social work practice in Adult Daycare Center is to restore, maintain and enhance social functioning by mobilizing strengths, supporting coping capacities, modifying dysfunctional patterns of relating and acting, linking people to necessary resources, alleviating environmental stressors and providing psychosocial education related to wellness and subjective well- being.

Duties include:

  • Interviewing participants and their families
  • Provide a psychosocial assessment and counseling to participant and families.
  • Developing specific care plans based on the needs of individual patients.
  • Helping participant apply for appropriate social services.
  • Providing crisis intervention as needed.
  • Providing grief and loss counseling and supportive counseling

Strengthening communications among participant, families, and the program or facility staff.

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